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Pool Water Chemicals


Alternative Pool Water Chemicals

–    Salt Water Chlorination
–    Inline Chlorinators
–    UV Systems
–    CO2 Systems

Chlorine is the primary source of oxidizer and disinfection within swimming pool waters. When using such hazardous chemicals, the safety of storage and handling is alarming. By creating chlorine on site via salt water chlorinators and inline chlorinators and using other products such as CO2 to balance pH levels, the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals is greatly reduced.

Ultraviolet treatment (UV) systems are used to destroy up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without the addition of many harsh chemicals, so it has proven reliable, cost effective and a green method of disinfecting swimming pool water. MPA skilled instrumentation technicians are factory trained to service and install various makes and models of alternative Pool water chemistry solutions.