Master Pools Alta

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Blair Dary

Unlike his father, Lawrence, and brother Neal, who started their Master Pools Alta careers as summer students, Blair took the road less travelled and worked his summers in university as a plumbing assistant.

But after graduating from the University of Alberta, he still wound up in the family business as lead hand in 2004. He was assigned project/foreman responsibilities for several large municipal projects along the BC coast, often planning, commissioning, troubleshooting and training staff from the back of a truck travelling on a BC ferry, he likes to say.

Blair liked the coast so much that he moved there from 2009 to 2012, working for a mechanical engineering firm specializing in aquatic facility design. But Master Pools Alta and home beckoned, and he returned to both in 2012.

Blair remembers the long hours he spent with a shovel and has learned that bringing planning, patience, attention to detail and resourcefulness to every job is the key to gaining the satisfaction of a job well done. He leads all construction field staff and ensures they work as cohesive teams armed with the information, training and support they need to deliver top quality for customers.

He recharges off the beaten path rock by climbing with friends and trying not to look down. His personal heroes include comic strip characters Calvin and Hobbes and Christopher Wren, the 17th-century architect of most of London’s enduring landmarks.