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Project Lifecycle

Initial Project Budgeting

During the design phase of a project the potential client will require estimates for realistic cost of construction of various components of a project in order to develop a complete budget. This information will allow the clients consultants to make informed choices with their design based on their working budget, wants and needs. Depending on the magnitude of the potential project, the client might hire cost consultants to execute this work on their behalf. MPA business development team has a long history of working with cost consultants to provide reasonable and accurate budgeting for pool system components in a timely manner. This process would be the same if MPA were to be involved in a design-build project.

Project Award

Whether a project is a design build or tendered as a lump-sum competitive bid or through a construction manager, MPA works closely with the consultants, contractors and owners to ensure there are no scope gaps between sub-trades that integrate with a complete pool system. MPA has years of experience with supplier of quality pool components and works to ensure the owner is getting exactly what they want at competitive prices. MPA’s ultimate goal is to be upfront with potential design problems to avoid/minimize costly change orders once construction has begun.


A project schedule is one of the most important pieces to a successful project. A properly developed schedule using experienced contractors will be one that is realistic and achievable. MPA works closely with General Contractors and Construction Managers to develop efficient and reliable project schedules by understanding the needs of trade involved in an Aquatic system. The vast knowledge that MPA has acquired in the swimming pool construction business enables us to provide realistic and reliable information so accurate projections can be made by the construction team.

Project Management

Project Management represents one of the most critical parts of a successful project. Project Management encompasses document review, tracking, organization, planning, site execution, and quality control. A project management team consists of a Project Manager, Construction Manager and a Site Superintendent. These members work closely to ensure the workers installing equipment and materials have all the information they require to execute the job correctly. This team works closely with General Contractors, Clients, and sub-trade contractors to ensure the critical path is met and avoid potential pitfalls. This team approach is what will ultimately lead to a successful and functional project for all stakeholders.

Commissioning and Training

The goal of the project from start to finish is an operational facility that works as per the engineering specifications and is a fun environment for the public to use. At the end of a project the facility must be commissioned and operators trained on how the Aquatics facility works as a whole. Our experienced commissioning agents and trainers will take an approach to educate and empower each operator and provide ongoing support as required.

Customer Support

Providing exceptional customer support from beginning to end and beyond a lifespan of a project is a point of pride for MPA. Out clients overall experience dealing with MPA is most important, we strive to be accessible to clients and operators well beyond the specified warranty.