Master Pools Alta

Partners in Aquatic Distinction.

Lawrence Dary

Lawrence Dary’s summer job as a University of Alberta student turned into his life’s work.

While he graduated with a degree in education and specialization in psychology, and worked in that area for a few years, in 1979, he was drawn back to a management position in what was then Dominion Gunite.

When Dwight Love bought the company, transforming it into Master Pools Alta, the two agreed on philosophy, practice and principles and shared the vision of a company that would partner with clients to create the best aquatic experiences imaginable.

Lawrence became a partner and used his background in learning to ensure the company embraces technical challenges and leads in the application of emerging technologies.

Lawrence stays energized by taking his competitive spirit to the gym, the golf course and hiking trails. He is also working his way around the world, one interesting travel destination at a time.